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Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass (ONE Pass) Application

Professionals who are earning or will earn an equivalent of S$30,000 or more a month from a single employment source in Singapore can now apply to live and work in Singapore under this newly launched Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass, or “ONE Pass”.

Individuals with outstanding achievements in the arts and culture sector, sports, as well as academia and research, can qualify for the ONE Pass without meeting the salary criterion.

Educational qualifications are not as pertinent to approval of this skilled work visa, as compared to other Work Passes offered by the Singapore Government. This pass is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, allowing the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) assessing officers to take a more holistic approach in appraising a candidate’s eligibility, including assessing potential to bring valuable perspectives and contributions to the Singapore economy and society.

One Pass Holders are permitted to operate and work for multiple entities and employers in Singapore, thus providing greater flexibility for people with an entrepreneurial mindset and/or multiple income streams, such as advisory and project-based work.

Pass Type Eligibility Requirement Validity Period Processing Time MOM Fee
Overseas Networks & Expertise (ONE) Pass Fixed monthly salary of S$30,000 (flexible in certain cases)


Outstanding achievements in the arts and culture sector, sports, or academia and research
5 years and renewable Online Submission: within 4 weeks Application: S$ 105

Issuance/ renewal: $225

Multiple Journey Visa (If required) S$30

Highlights of the Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass

  • Exemptions – Employers hiring ONE Pass employees are exempted from many of the restrictions attached to other Work Passes – such as compliance with the Fair Consideration Framework job advertising requirement and, Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS). Furthermore, the ONE Pass holder’s employer is not restricted by any foreign worker quotas or levies and is therefore free to engage the ONE Pass holder without limitations.
  • Group companies – Employers that are part of a Group of companies, e.g., with subsidiaries or branch offices, can now allow the employee to work for and oversee its various ventures in Singapore.
  • Multiple Employers – Individuals holding ONE Pass can work for multiple unrelated employers, start their own business, and switch employers without having to worry about MOM approval.
  • Validity Period – The ONE Pass has a validity and renewal period of 5 years. This is the longest validity pass period of all the passes issued by the Singapore government, allowing both the individual and their employer(s) more stability to make long term plans.
  • Renewal criteria – Entrepreneurs on this pass will not have to conform with the strict qualifying renewal criteria and capital spending requirement applicable for an Entrepass.
  • Family Passes – Dependent family long term passes (Dependant Pass) will be easier to obtain under this Work Pass, as compared to any other Work Pass offered by the Singapore government.
  • Work privileges for Spouse – The pass holder’s dependent foreign spouse will be permitted to work on a Letter of Consent (to be applied for by spouse’s Singapore employer).


  1. The ONE Pass holder must earn a fixed monthly salary of at least S$30,000 from a single employer, in addition to other sources income (if any).
  2. The ONE Pass holder is required to report details of all professional activities and earnings to the Ministry of Manpower annually.

Documents Required

  • Passport Copy
  • Detailed CV
  • Details of additional income (with supporting documents) other than fixed monthly salary from the principal employer
  • Copy of monthly payslips for the last 12 months
  • Copy of the candidate’s most recent Tax returns
  • Detailed 2000-character writeup on the candidate’s plans in Singapore
  • Other documents, as may be requested by MOM during the candidate’s application assessment

For more information, please visit ONE Pass at the MOM website or contact our dedicated team of specialists for assistance with your Singapore ONE Pass application.

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