Singapore Employment Pass Application Process

Foreigners holding acceptable degrees and professional qualifications (whose monthly basic salary is more than S$3,000) are eligible to apply for an employment pass to work in Singapore. There are various types of employment passes, based on income bracket and qualifications:

For foreigners who hold acceptable tertiary degrees qualifications or specialist skills and are seeking professional, administrative, executive or managerial jobs.

A P1 Pass will be issued if the applicant’s monthly basic salary is more than S$8,000.

A P2 Pass will be issued if the applicant’s monthly basic salary is more than S$4,500 and up to S$8,000.

For foreigners whose monthly basic salary is more than S$3,000 and possess acceptable qualifications from good universities/institutions or specialist skills.

For foreigners whose monthly basic salary is at least S$2,000. S Pass applicants will be assessed taking into account multiple criteria including salary, education qualifications, skills, job type and work experience. A levy from S$250 to S$390 per month will apply to the hiring company and the number of S Pass holders a company can employ is capped at a sub-quota or Dependency Ceiling of 20% of the company’s total workforce. For more information, please contact us.

Required Documents for Working in Singapore

  1. Employment Pass Application, duly completed and sponsored by a local Singapore Company or furnished with bankers guarantee of $3,000 on approval. (For S Pass, Employer Declaration Form to be completed and attached)
  2. A copy of all the applicant’s educational documents and past employment testimonials (Translated into English if they are in other languages)
  3. A recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant taken within the last three months
  4. A copy of the Travel Document page showing the applicant’s personal particulars
  5. Personal Particulars Form and relevant documents stipulated in the Personal Particulars Form for Singapore-born applicants.
  6. Additional documents if requested on a case-to-case basis.
  7. Business Profile / Instant Information from ACRA/ registration papers from their respective professional bodies for sponsoring company of applicant.

If the applicant is a regional representative, the following documents must also be submitted:

  1. A copy of letter from the International Enterprise Singapore giving approval for the setting up of the Representative Office; and
  2. A letter from the Representative’s Office Headquarters stating the purpose of the application, the duration of the applicant’s assignment and an undertaking for the maintenance and repatriation of the applicant.

Applicants for the nursing, medical, teaching and legal professions must submit a copy of the Certificate of Registration with their respective professional bodies / accreditation agencies or relevant documents as stated:

  • Nurses – Singapore Nursing Board
  • Doctors – Singapore Medical Council / Traditional
  • Teachers – Singapore Ministry of Education
  • Lawyers – Singapore Attorney-General’s Chambers
  • Dentists – Singapore Dental Council

For foreign individuals who wish to work and live in Singapore who earn a fixed monthly salary of $12,000  (for P1 Pass holders) or whose last drawn fixed monthly salary is $18,000 (for overseas-based foreign professionals). Unlike the Employment Pass (P1, P2, Q1, S pass) or the Entrepass, the PEP holder is not tied to any employer and cannot start/own a business or engage in any entrepreneurial activities in Singapore. PEP is granted upon the strength of the applicant’s individual merits. PEP holders have the flexibility of remaining in Singapore for up to six months without a job, to evaluate new employment opportunities.

For a foreign entrepreneur who possesses strong enterprise experience and wishes to set up a new business in Singapore. He/she will need to be actively involved in the operation of the company/business in Singapore and will draw a fixed monthly salary of at least S$3,000. The foreign entrepreneur can incorporate a Singapore Private Limited (Pte. Ltd.) company and act as the sole local director of their Singapore company if their application for an Employment Pass under the EntrePass Scheme is approved by MOM and SPRING Singapore.

Businesses that are not of entrepreneurial nature, for example: coffee shops/hawker centres/food courts, foot reflexology, massage parlours, karaoke lounges, money changing/remitting, newspaper vending, geomancy and tuition services etc will not be considered for an EntrePass.

New Applications

  1. Application form must be accompanied with a comprehensive BUSINESS PLAN of not more than 10 pages.
  2. Certified True Copy of Passport(with passport-size photo)
  3. Certified True Copy of Educational Certificates (High School, College and Universities and where necessary, a translated English version that is NOTARISED or Certified by the Applicant’s Home-Country Embassy.
  4. Where applicable, copies of MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, BIRTH CERTIFICATE(S) of dependents (Children).

First-Time Renewals
Applicants must substantiate that:

  1. The business is in commercial operations and / or company has secured third party funding;
  2. The business is still operating in Singapore, according to the original business plan.

The applicant is also required to submit the following documents to MOM:

  1. Company registration information from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA);
  2. Latest financial statements declared to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS); and
  3. Documented information on the number of employees from the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB).

For more information on Singapore EntrePass application, visit us.

4 Responses to “Singapore Employment Pass Application Process”

  1. Anil Kumar Saha Says:
    March 29th, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    Dear Sir,
    I am a NDT (Non Destructive Testing) inspector as well as Computer Hardware and Networking (CCNA Certified) professional.
    I want to relocate in Singapore.
    I want EP or S-pass.
    How you can help me, please send the details soon, because I’m planning to visit Singapore on 2nd week of April’09.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Anil Kumar Saha,
    Kolkata, India.
    Tel:+91 98304 14477

  2. Hi Anil,

    You need to find an employer to sponsor your EP application. I think it is getting more and more difficult for employers to employ “foreign talent” because there is a quota for SPass application – for every 4 Singaporeans/PR on CPF, a firm can have one SPass holder.

    Good Luck for your job hunting in Singapore!

  3. 3 Ways to Combine Work and Study in Singapore As a Foreigner. You will hear many discouraging comments about applying for a job in Singapore as a foreigner, but I know numerous people who have done it successfully, including myself. Like in any country, you do have a certain disadvantage as a foreigner. If a company has several applicants for a job, and all except you are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, why do you think they will hire you? They will only do so if you are clearly better qualified than the local applicants.

  4. Hi Scott,

    Yes, that’s true. Alternatively, if you are well paid in your current overseas job i.e. earn more than SGD$8,000 per month, you can also consider the PEP – a five year Personalised Employment Pass, whereby you have up to 6 months to register with a Singapore employer, and up to 6 months between jobs during the validity period of the pass. Basically, Singapore is looking for skilled and altruistic foreigners to create jobs for locals, or impart their specialised skill sets/international exposure.

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